A break from the road

In the past 7 weeks I’ve been to Boone 5 times and the NRG once.  If you’re into stats, it means there is a 14% chance of finding me in Columbia on the weekends.  Has rock climbing taken over your life yet?  The climbing gods have rained me out once or twice but I’ve been able to climb at least one day each weekend.  I’m very thankful that the weather in Boone has been so good.  The weekends go quick but they say time flies if you’re hanging from a rock.  Some people complain about how hot and humid it is in the high country and I can’t help but laugh.

This weekend my Tacoma will get some much needed rest.  It seems like I get an oil change every month!  On Saturday I’m moving into a duplex with a good friend of mine.  We found a nice place downtown that was recently renovated.  The appliances are all brand new (most importantly the A/C unit).  No more apartment life to the time being!  I’m psyched that once again I will be close to the climbing gym and good beer.

I was in Boone over the weekend and “Hawked” it up on Saturday with a “Dumpy” session on Sunday.  Saturday was so good.  We climbed several routes but the highlights include the following:

  • Megan top roping the 5.8 for her first climb outside (ever)!
  • Leading “The Green Wave” — Whoa.  Totally blew my mind.
  • Watching Mike onsight “No Free Lunch” and then Ryan saying “I think that’s the best route I’ve ever climbed”
  • Leading “The Jug Route”  — Kick ass route that I want to do every time now.

Sunday was sweet too.  I got on Unwritten Law but got shutdown for the second week in a row.  I wasn’t feeling super fresh but that’s no excuse.  Maybe next time I’ll push through the pump.  I have some photos from Hawksbill that I will post up tonight.


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