A Weekend in Boone

I headed up to Boone this past weekend to see some friends and hang out. I brought my climbing gear and my bike just in case the weather turned for the better. It didn’t :(

Just a few twigs in the yard...

When I got into town I couldn’t believe all of the destruction this great winter has caused.  The ice storms have really taken a toll on the hardwoods of the high country. Every time I turned the corner there were trees split in half.  The top of the canopy looked like broken toothpicks and the forest floor was covered in leftover debris.   It will be interesting to see what spring looks like…

I enjoyed watching some of the ACC tournament this weekend. Watching some college basketball has got me pretty excited for March Madness coming up. They just announced all of the teams and you can check out the bracket here.  I’m not a huge college basketball fan but it’s fun to watch the top college squads battle it out for the love of the game.

I was hoping to see NC State pull it off but they just couldn’t seem to do it…


I'm blue (da ba dee...)

Saturday I got together with some Boonies and we decided to hit up the Boone Bowling Center (the only bowling alley I know of w/o alcohol!) .  There was some pretty hefty betting going on and the competition was fierce.  We bowled 5 or 6 games Saturday afternoon but we still didn’t get enough.  After a couple hours of rest, we went back for more.  Cosmic bowling!  With DJ Wolf still holding down the fort, we were listening to Mambo #5, Scatman, and other incredibly cheesy songs.  After another 5 games or so, we realized our arms were ripped out of socket and our fingers were barely able to hold on to the ball.  Needless to say, my game went downhill with the quickness.  I woke up this morning and I am ashamed to admit I’m sore as hell, from bowling.  I honestly feel like I went rock climbing all weekend without a bit of rest.  I have much respect for the PBA (professional bowling association) hard asses. ——————————————————————————-

Heading Down the Mountain

All in all, I had a nice weekend in Boone seeing some good friends and catching up on the good ol’ days.  Next time I come up I’ll be sure to pick a weekend where I can climb and maybe go mountain biking.  I’m thrilled we had to set our clocks forward today.  Long days await as we inch closer to spring.  I can hear hawksbill calling my name!


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