Bday Jammin

Friday night was a blast! Thanks to all of you for coming out and making the night one to remember. We tapped the Keg of Gaelic Ale at about 7:00pm and so the party started. My dad rose to the occasion by purchasing a used bass guitar which was SWEET! We had plenty of instruments for everybody to experiment with. The music was very dynamic because as somebody would get up, somebody else would fill in with a new style. It seemed like everybody at the party was feeling the good vibes which made for a great atmosphere. I have some audio from the night which I will post up later.

Saturday we just played the lazy game and hung around the house.  The weather was pretty nasty so we took a nap and watched some tv.  What an exciting Halloween!  Sunday we went out to Lost Cove and it was (mostly) dry.  I showed Ryan and Sarah around and then we made the trek back to Cola.  What a super sweet weekend!

Thanks again for making my bday so much fun!

Until next time,



  1. That was one of the coolest evening I’ve had in a long time. I should have known I would meet some of the people I like best in the world through my kids. Evenings like Matt’s birthday party make life worth living. It’s a privilege to know so many good people!

  2. I had a lot of fun and it was really good to see you and your friends. Hope to see you soon!! P.S. your friends from Colombia were really cool.

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