Bday Weekend in Boone

Sprayin' Ryan down with beta for the Horn.

First off I want to thank all of you for making my 26th bday awesome!  It was great seeing a bunch of old and new friends this weekend.  I started my bday off by going to the Drive-by Truckers show in Boone.  The event was at Legends on campus.  The band rocked but unfortunately the sound was pretty bad.  We brought several heady six packs in with us.

On Friday we went to Hob Nob Farm Cafe for breakfast.  If you haven’t been it’s worth a visit.  They sport all local ingredients with free range meat.  You can really taste the difference.  After that we headed out to Blowing Rock boulders where I saw a bunch of friends.  Ryan cruised Center 45 and worked on the Horn and Harvester of Sorrows.  I didn’t climb because my finger needs about a week or two more to be completely healed.  Friday night we had a shin dig at my dad’s house.  It was truly a great party with some very nice folks.  We sat on the deck among the fire pit sharing climbing stories and talking about inappropriate things.  Eventually we went inside to the music room and started to jam.  My dad dubbed the band name “Tongue” and the rest is history.  Surprisingly we were able to hold a couple tunes that sounded pretty cool.  The “band” members shifted instruments every song and we even saw a couple guest appearances from the audience.  Melissa rocked out on the baby grand piano and awed everybody with her talent.  I was a little worried that the party wouldn’t live up to last years festivities but it did.  Great times by all.


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