Bell’s Hopslam (Double IPA)

Crankin’ in at whopping 10.0% abv, this heavy hitter will be sure to knock you out after a few rounds.  I heard that this brew hit the stores Saturday and supplies were very limited (10 cases/store).  Knowing I was probably SOL I called around to the specialty beer sto’s in my area.  I had given up until Cade mentioned Total Wine.  I dialed them up and to my surprise they had some left.  Beer run during lunch break, why not?  I was about to walk out of the store with a single 6-pack when suddenly I had a change of heart.  More!  Although I hadn’t tried it before I knew this was my only chance to score another sixer.  Back to the aisle I went to pick up one more six pack.  Although this beer is outrageously expensive I felt it is a just splurge, once a year.  After work I got home and cracked one open.  This stuff is the real deal!  It’s very clean with joyous amounts of citrus.  I’m usually not a fan of fruity beer but the hopslam is different.  Way to go Bell’s, A+.

Bell's Hopslam


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