Bell’s Octoberfest

Bell's Octoberfest Beer

Oh yes!  The best part of coming back to Columbia is a new beer from Bell’s waiting in the fridge!  It just came out for the season and it’s worth picking up at your local beer store.  Although it doesn’t feel like fall yet, each sip seemed to bring me closer to those crisp temps I long for.  While in Boone I enjoyed a Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale which is a nostalgic beer for me.  It always brings back memories of sitting on my dad’s deck during autumn in the high country.  Ah, good beer and good temps –one down, one to go.

Since my finger is a little tweaked at the moment, I can only dream of crushing.  Here are a few projects that come to mind for the fall:

  • Unwritten Law (Dump)
  • Against the Grain (Gmom)
  • Grope the Pope (Gmom)
  • Ebonics (Gmom)
  • Mighty Mouse (Gmom)
  • Lewis’s Lunge (Bald)
  • Rotator Cuff (Bald)

What are you guys psyched on??  Let’s here it in the comments!


  1. I’m psyched on you healing that finger, Matt!

  2. Nathan Welton – hey joe, thanks for viintisg. the shot is lit with two flashes, one on either side and pretty much pointed directly toward each other. as for colors ha! that’s always a tough call! we had red, purple and blue. purple wouldn’t have been visible enough, red would have been obnoxious, and blue just fit, especially with the grey/blue sky in the background. when i’m not making arbitrary judgements like that i think about the color wheel, and how colors fit together.

  3. If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pardner!

  4. Z tego co czytałem gdzie indziej to z zombi wypada kamienny miecz (RZADKO!) a ze szkieleta łuk (TEŻ RZADKO!), a zombi drzwi może wyważać też na trybie hardcore.Jakby co nie czytałem innych komentarzy więc sory jak czyiś przepisałem.

  5. ..oh don’t cry mr.polar bear…it will freaze to your face and you will have to wear that tear like jewelry for the rest of your life…(unless there is global warming) !

  6. melh diyor ki:bu arada yorumları gördüm. doğru söyleyende var yanlışta. çalışan yapar ama sınav anındaki stres de var yapcak adam yapamaz hale gelebiliyor. ben 402 yaptım ege yada dokuz eylül olmadığı için gitmedim celal bayar bile tercihim olmadı olmadı diye üzülmeyin ama çalışmayı da elden bırakmayın

  7. narendra-definitely. :56 split in from the highway and passing king on the streets of auburn…pretty goose-bump raising stuff if you ask me. but, they were an hour slower than last year on a course that was 7 miles shorter. king and howard are absolutely timeless heroes of the sport, though.

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