Bodacious Boone

Ello Folks,

Edge of a Dream

I went up to Boone this past weekend and got to do a little bit of everything.  Friday night I laid low because I knew I had a busy day on Saturday.  To start it off I met up with my good friend Mike to do some climbing at Shiprock.  As soon as we started unpacking I realized I forgot my belay devices in the car so I got my early morning jog out of the way.  I originally wanted to go to the dump but I’m glad I didn’t.  The cool breeze at ship was the most refreshing moments of my summer thus far.  The rain flirted with us from time to time but it held off to make for a great day of climbing.  We got on super classics like Edge of a Dream, Lost at Sea and Maiden Voyage.  I led a couple of the easier trad lines while Mike did the rest.  I haven’t been to Shiprock that many times and each visit seems to reveal more amazing pitches.  We did a total of 7 pitches in a short amount of time.  At 3:30 or so I had to bounce and head up to Josh’s engagement party.  Sitting atop of Junaluska I visited with many ol’ friends and drank many a brew.  Jesse special ordered Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale in a keg which was absolutely delicious.  I must also mention the Lexington style BBQ that was being served in a down home fashion; as much as you can eat.  We sat around for hours shooting the shit and drinking good brewskinhammers.  What a great evening in Boone, North Carolina.  On Sunday I went over to the Boone Bowling Center and drew a 213 for my second bowl of the day.  Not too shabby if I must say so myself.  As usual I drove through some heavy rain on the way back in between Hickory and Charlotte.  After blissfully enjoying the weather in Boone I was painfully put back in my place as I rolled my window down when I arrived in Columbia.  Damn it’s hot down here boys!!  Below are some photos of the party…

First Trip to the Saluda River

Chillin at the Saluda river in Columbia, SC

Two weekends ago I hit up the Saluda.  This here river is approximately 5 minutes from my house and it’s this was my first river adventure.  The river is dam controlled and the water is pulled from the bottom of the lake which makes it cold all year round.  Mike showed me “Butt Crack Rock” which is a rock that you can swim underneath and it pops you out the other side…Smart?  Probably not but he managed to convince me.  In this short clip, I messed around with a little sequence action that you’ll see at the beginning.  That jammin ass Caribbean music in the background is J’Ouvert which was recorded at a show they did at the Rusty Anchor on Lake Murray.  This past weekend I went up to Boone for my first time climbing since my surgery!  We also hit up dark mountain on the way back which was pretty rad.  I’ll post up about that in the next day or so.  All is well.


Bob’s Night Out

For many of you who don’t know about Bob’s Night Out, here is an inside glimpse of the action.  My friend Mike ( took a stellar time lapse of the evening to show all of you web junkies.  It was Cade, Mike and I who went up to Boone last weekend to hangout with Pops and kick it on the deck old school style.

What we did:

  • Ate like kings (Steak, asparagus, taters, the works!)
  • Drank like fools (Harpoon Summer, Boont Amber, Duck Rabbit Milk Stout, Highland Amber, Highlife (hmm), then good rum….then scotch, then……..I forget.
  • Enjoyed a rockin’ fire on the deck.
  • Went bowling (I think I bowled at least six games)
  • Celebrated Jesse and Larkin’s 25th bday on Saturday night.
  • Jammed out a tad.
  • Worked on a video for a bit.
  • Relaxed.

It was a fun weekend and I was stoked that a couple friends from Cola came up with me.  I guess there’s a little spanish gentlemen in everyone…

We went up to Boone for a weekend and my buddy shot a sweet time lapse over about 2 1/2 hours on my dad’s deck. Good times…

Weekend w/ Jesse

Whats up blog cats?  I’m just sitting in Cola surfing the web and messing around with some video stuff.  This past weekend was awesome because Jesse came down from Boonetown to visit.  We went out drinking on Friday and had one too many at Utopia.  Saturday we recovered, hit up Cafe Strudel for breakfast, and then hit the bowling alley for some serious action.  I probably definitely bowled the best games of my life this weekend.  I assume the stars aligned and the bowling gods were really happy because I bowled a 202.  Weew doggies!!  I’m heading up to Boone this weekend to hang out on my dad’s deck for Jesse’s 25th bday party.  Come on out if you’re around Saturday evening.

It’s A Fucking Beer .com

A good fucking beer

Before I start my rant, I would like to introduce all of you to a blog that is far superior to mine. takes the cake in all categories.  I mean, I just can’t compete with this guy!  He swears every other word, he drinks great beer, he’s a badass photographer (he takes pictures of beer), he has cool bars in his town…basically his blog rocks.  It’s all good though.  I can’t get down on myself.  I know this is some sort of blessing in disguise.  After all, it makes my blog cooler because I am forwarding you to such a cool ass website.  This dude really has a way of making me laugh.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you click the link above.  To all of my fellow rock climbers please remember, it’s not about rock climbing, it’s about how good the beer taste once you’re done.  Ok, ok, I admit, I’ve had a beer or 3 this evening.

Side notes: Jesse is coming down to Cola this weekend in search for a good time.  There is a confirmed deck party on Eagle Dr next weekend (Friday — Sponsored by Bob himself) so stay tuned for more details.  You know “de” spanish gentlemen know how to get down.

What A Sad Day…

Happy to Sad

Happy to Sad

It’s official.  I’m a South Carolinian.  :-(

It might not be so bad if it didn’t cost me half of my salary to get my new license and tag.

I mean seriously guys:

Property Tax (on vehicle): $568.64

New License Plate: $55.00

New License ID: $25.00


Grand Total: $648.64

That is enough beer money for at least a month or two…

Damn that hurts the ol’ bank account.  At least the tag is colorful I guess.  So to all of your lucky North Carolinian’s, feel lucky you don’t have to pay state property tax on your vehicle like that.


Thomas Creek - Pump House Porter

Thomas Creek - Pump House Porter

So now what I do to make myself feel better?

You got it!  Spend my last couple dollars on something that will turn that frown upside down.  This is a $3.00 growler from the local beer store downtown Columbia.  It’s called Greene’s and it has a pretty decent selection of microbrews.  The cool thing is that it has 4 rotating beers on tap and you can by these growlers whenever you damn well please.

Hurray For Beer!