Surplus of Bouldering Shots

After occasional but consistent barraging I’ve finally decided to post some photos of climbing around the High Country since our Squamish Trip.  I haven’t been shooting or climbing much the past 6 months mostly due to being busy with real estate and having surgery on my Pudendal nerve.  Surgery is done and hopefully I’m on the mend now.  I’m looking forward to a fun Spring/Summer season!  Enjoy the photos…

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No Dab picked up Unwritten Law video!

I’ve never seen the site before (probably because it’s Spanish or Portuguese) but they picked up my video a while back. I’m not sure how big of a site it is but they had this to say:

(Translated by a web generator)”Video of the track “Oralidade Lei” in a peak named “The Dump” in North Carolina/USA. The route, graduated in 8b br (5.12B nos) is nothing special, but the video was incredible! Position Yourself the navigator at the lower part of the table and go up along with the climber…”

Nothing special, hell! 😉 Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that people were diggin’ the portrait style video. Happy weekend y’all. Heading up to the High Country to do some climbing!


Recent Searches

You might be a climber if...

I just pulled up the weather to check out the forecast for Lake Lure this weekend.  The “Recent Searches” caught my eye.  I thought it was kinda funny…Do these destinations (besides Columbia) seem vaguely familiar?  Where do you find yourself climbing lately?

Get your drive on, get your climb on.

Xmas 2010

Happy Holidays to all of my loyal blog readers!  I hope everybody had a warm and safe holiday.  My family and I went to Chilhowie, VA to visit my dad’s girlfriend for xmas eve and xmas.  If you were anywhere near western NC I’m sure you had plenty of snow for that white Christmas you were hoping for.  Hell, even Columbia got several inches!  On the downside, that white fluffy snow kept me from getting a single day of climbing in.  Thursday was the only chance for climbing (at the Bald) but I had prior engagements.  This weekend is looking a little better for climbing.  I’m thinking I’ll bring in the new year in Asheville…

Christmas Eve - Chilhowie, VA

Hanging on gear

Mike is a sick aid climber!

Eat Locally, Think Globally

My latest short is not about climbing.  I have documented how to gut a deer and getting it ready for the butcher.  This might seem a little gross (and I couldn’t help to laugh a little) but I assure you it’s a good thing.  I don’t mean to offend anybody with this video.  It’s just a way of life in the mountains of North Carolina.  I’ve realized that harvesting a deer is the ultimate “free range” meat.  We grilled some deer tenderloin the other night and it was amazing.  Enjoy.

Burnin’ the road up.

It was my 137th trip to Boone this past weekend and it was great.  Well…maybe not 137 but it sure feels like it.  Rock climbing is hard and it’s even harder if you have to stop for any period of time.  I was able to get out and climb on Saturday and Sunday achieving a satisfying pump.  After being in Austin the week before, it was very nice to be in the mountains of North Carolina.  I’m starting to realize that Boone is truly one of a kind.  Boone’s secret is the variety of rock and types of climbing all available within a short proximity.  The temperature was a little warmer than expected –I’m still looking forward to getting my first taste of crisp temps and sticky rock!  This weekend I will have to stick it out in the flats and wait for Thanksgiving to arrive.  I may try to sneak in a day trip to Rumbling Bald if I can…

Lake James

Far From Home’s Finest

ASU Climbing Team visits the boulders at Rumbling Bald that the CCC purchased. Donate @

Bday Weekend in Boone

Sprayin' Ryan down with beta for the Horn.

First off I want to thank all of you for making my 26th bday awesome!  It was great seeing a bunch of old and new friends this weekend.  I started my bday off by going to the Drive-by Truckers show in Boone.  The event was at Legends on campus.  The band rocked but unfortunately the sound was pretty bad.  We brought several heady six packs in with us.

On Friday we went to Hob Nob Farm Cafe for breakfast.  If you haven’t been it’s worth a visit.  They sport all local ingredients with free range meat.  You can really taste the difference.  After that we headed out to Blowing Rock boulders where I saw a bunch of friends.  Ryan cruised Center 45 and worked on the Horn and Harvester of Sorrows.  I didn’t climb because my finger needs about a week or two more to be completely healed.  Friday night we had a shin dig at my dad’s house.  It was truly a great party with some very nice folks.  We sat on the deck among the fire pit sharing climbing stories and talking about inappropriate things.  Eventually we went inside to the music room and started to jam.  My dad dubbed the band name “Tongue” and the rest is history.  Surprisingly we were able to hold a couple tunes that sounded pretty cool.  The “band” members shifted instruments every song and we even saw a couple guest appearances from the audience.  Melissa rocked out on the baby grand piano and awed everybody with her talent.  I was a little worried that the party wouldn’t live up to last years festivities but it did.  Great times by all.