Down on Main Street...

So I stayed down in Columbia this weekend –only to strain my finger.  It’s my right ring finger (not the one I had surgery on).  I went to the climbing gym on Thursday and had a good session.  Although my fingers were feeling pretty worked the next day I didn’t think much of it.  I went back to the gym yesterday and warmed up then got on a pretty hard route.  After pulling down hard I could really feel it in my finger.  I quit immediately and went to grab a couple cold pints of Bell’s to ice my hand.  This morning I woke up and my finger is still quite sore.  I’m super bummed because I have a long weekend coming up and I want to climb a bunch.  I’m hoping it will heal if I lay off of it until then but we’ll have to play it by ear.  I’m so psyched about climbing and not so psyched about the injuries that come with it.  Oh well, just gotta keep my head up and hope for the best.  It’s looking like Cardio and icing my hand this week.

Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell (yea...I didn't take this picture.)

Last night I went to see Jason Isbell and the 400 unit at the White Mule in Columbia.  I listened to him a little bit on Slacker radio but wasn’t sure what to expect from a live show.  He was previously a member of the twangy southern rock band, the Drive-By Truckers.  As two mediocre bands opened I anxiously awaited Isbell.  When they came on stage and cranked out there first song I knew it was going to be a great show.  His voice is awesome and the band is super tight.  If you get a moment you should check em out.

This weekend is looking splitter for you mountain folk!  Get out there and crank some routes for me.  I’m laying low this weekend to save a little cash.  It will be pulling on paltry plastic  for the next week…


I visited Boone last weekend.  The temps were killer and Erich was nice enough to come out and belay me on Saturday.  Thanks Erich!  He didn’t climb because he was about to spend 4 days at the Red…I can’t blame him.  I worked Unwritten Law and gave it 4 solid burns.  I feel confident that it will go very soon!  We ran into Josh and Bill out there as they were enjoying the good temps and working on some hard shit.  They got on Pigs and Zen and Tiers for Allah while we were there.  Although the dump is known for it’s peculiar slab routes, there are definitely some steep, hard routes to be climbed.  I went out to the Dump on Sunday again but it was quite humid and I did one route and left for Columbia.  I’m looking forward to spending some time in the mountains over labor day.  Below are a few pictures from the weekend.

Josh on Pigs in Zen (aka Porter's Route)

For the picture below I had to climb on top of a building next to the famous “Real Mexico”…

Clouds in Columbia


Bell's Best Brown Ale

I stayed in Columbia this past weekend because I had to move.  I was staying in the northeast for a couple months.  I am now living downtown again.  Thanks to a couple friends we were able to move pretty quickly.  I’ve been unpacking for the past few days which is never any fun.  Saturday night we had a few friends over to grill it up.  We also had a pony keg of Bells Best Brown Ale.  Oh yea!  I live close to the climbing gym too.  I think I’ll start riding my bike to and from to sneak in a little cardio before and after climbing.

Lately I’ve been thinking about one route in particular –> Unwritten Law.  It will stay in the back of my mind until I do it.  Every pedal on the elliptical machine, every jump through the rope and every route I climb at the gym;  it’s all for that one route right now.  I’ve never been so determined to do a particular rock climb.  I think bouldering is completely different.  I have projects all over the place because most of the problems are so accessible.  You can just hop on any boulder problem without worrying about leaving gear, getting a belay, taking whippers and so on.  If you can’t do it you just move on to the next thing!  I’m going up to Boone this weekend to try my luck again.  Maybe this time I’ll hit it fresh.  I can’t wait for fall…it’s so close I can taste it!!

Hello Ladies…

Carolina Anole

Here is a shot I snapped with my phone right outside of my office building.  I spotted this sneaky creature scampering up the wall and was lucky enough to get him while he was puffing out!

First Trip to the Saluda River

Chillin at the Saluda river in Columbia, SC

Two weekends ago I hit up the Saluda.  This here river is approximately 5 minutes from my house and it’s this was my first river adventure.  The river is dam controlled and the water is pulled from the bottom of the lake which makes it cold all year round.  Mike showed me “Butt Crack Rock” which is a rock that you can swim underneath and it pops you out the other side…Smart?  Probably not but he managed to convince me.  In this short clip, I messed around with a little sequence action that you’ll see at the beginning.  That jammin ass Caribbean music in the background is J’Ouvert which was recorded at a show they did at the Rusty Anchor on Lake Murray.  This past weekend I went up to Boone for my first time climbing since my surgery!  We also hit up dark mountain on the way back which was pretty rad.  I’ll post up about that in the next day or so.  All is well.



People display their love for the arts in downtown Columbia, SC.