Boston Jam Session

Boston Jam Session – Old Man from Far From Home Productions on Vimeo.

Last weekend my mom and I went up to Boston to celebrate my sister graduating from New England Law | Boston. The commencement was held at the Wang Theater which was a very nice place. A ton of good bands play there and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for sweet acts in the future. Mom and I stayed at a hotel in downtown Boston and we went to Page’s apartment on the last day. She lives in Brookline in a very cool spot. She’s literally got a few Chinese places, 7-Eleven, beer/wine shop, laundry mat, the Publick House and much more within a minute walk. Super cool. Anyhow, we jammed for a while and above is a video on a song I wrote, dubbed “Old Man”. Hope you enjoy it.

Xmas 2010

Happy Holidays to all of my loyal blog readers!  I hope everybody had a warm and safe holiday.  My family and I went to Chilhowie, VA to visit my dad’s girlfriend for xmas eve and xmas.  If you were anywhere near western NC I’m sure you had plenty of snow for that white Christmas you were hoping for.  Hell, even Columbia got several inches!  On the downside, that white fluffy snow kept me from getting a single day of climbing in.  Thursday was the only chance for climbing (at the Bald) but I had prior engagements.  This weekend is looking a little better for climbing.  I’m thinking I’ll bring in the new year in Asheville…

Christmas Eve - Chilhowie, VA

Bday Weekend in Boone

Sprayin' Ryan down with beta for the Horn.

First off I want to thank all of you for making my 26th bday awesome!  It was great seeing a bunch of old and new friends this weekend.  I started my bday off by going to the Drive-by Truckers show in Boone.  The event was at Legends on campus.  The band rocked but unfortunately the sound was pretty bad.  We brought several heady six packs in with us.

On Friday we went to Hob Nob Farm Cafe for breakfast.  If you haven’t been it’s worth a visit.  They sport all local ingredients with free range meat.  You can really taste the difference.  After that we headed out to Blowing Rock boulders where I saw a bunch of friends.  Ryan cruised Center 45 and worked on the Horn and Harvester of Sorrows.  I didn’t climb because my finger needs about a week or two more to be completely healed.  Friday night we had a shin dig at my dad’s house.  It was truly a great party with some very nice folks.  We sat on the deck among the fire pit sharing climbing stories and talking about inappropriate things.  Eventually we went inside to the music room and started to jam.  My dad dubbed the band name “Tongue” and the rest is history.  Surprisingly we were able to hold a couple tunes that sounded pretty cool.  The “band” members shifted instruments every song and we even saw a couple guest appearances from the audience.  Melissa rocked out on the baby grand piano and awed everybody with her talent.  I was a little worried that the party wouldn’t live up to last years festivities but it did.  Great times by all.

Hell of a week!

Man oh man.  Where do I start? Since last Sunday I have driven over 800 miles:

A week ago around this time I was heading up to Raleigh/Durham for some AIX (unix) training for work.  I was pretty excited to get my learn on about something I care about.  I got to my hotel around 9:30 or 10:00 and went to sleep soon there after.  The hotel was pretty sweet.  My room had 2 lcd tv’s and 2 queen beds.  I only needed one of each but I guess they wanted to make sure I had a hot swappable backup in case either one failed.  I must say that the comp breakfast was probably some of the best breakfast food I’ve eaten in a long time.  Each morning I was greeted with various flavored hashbrowns, eggs and anything else you could possibly want.  It was also quite generous that they offered free beer from 5-7pm.  I took advantage of both the breakfast and the booze.  My classes were on the IBM campus in the middle of the research triangle park.  I’d never spent much time in Raleigh but the triangle park was pretty neat.  I drove past GE Aircraft Engines and various other companies that balled out in the technology field.  I went to the local gym, Triangle Rock Club, and had a pretty good session.  It was a nice gym and I got super pumped.  I also checked out some mountain biking.  I went to this area called New Light in north Raleigh.  Big props to for having good beta on their site! I met some dudes in the parking lot that were kind enough to let me ride with them (well, at least for the first 10 minutes until they dusted me).  That trail system was freakin sweet!  I’d have to say it’s one of the best trails I’ve ever been on.  I finished up training on Thursday and high tailed it to Boone to enjoy a long weekend chillin with family and friends.

I was able to squeeze an evening session in at Grandmother on Thursday.  We went to the long wall and we climbed a handful of problems until the rain revoked our top-out license.  We sat it out and after a few minutes we were able to start working on a cool traverse.  The next morning I got up and decided to test one of my goals by riding up Junaluska Rd on my mountain bike.  It’s only about 1.5 miles but it’s a pretty gnarly uphill stretch (800 ft elevation gain).  I surprised myself and did it without stopping.  Turning around and flying down the mountain was exhilarating!  After that I met up with some friends and went to Thunder Hill boulders.  It was actually my first trip to Thunder Hill and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s sharp!!

Saturday I went to the lake with all of my siblings and my dad.  A few friends tagged along as well.  The temperature was in the low 90’s and the water was perfect.  Because of Jesse’s courage we were able to drag the wake board behind the pontoon boat!  It was slower than molasses but super fun and a great workout.  We nicknamed my sister Page, Tread, because she was treading water like a champ!  I’m talking 45 minutes without a “life preserver” as Dad would call it.  I have to admit I’m not the biggest lake fan but I had a damn good time.

Here are some pictures from the past week:

Bodacious Boone

Ello Folks,

Edge of a Dream

I went up to Boone this past weekend and got to do a little bit of everything.  Friday night I laid low because I knew I had a busy day on Saturday.  To start it off I met up with my good friend Mike to do some climbing at Shiprock.  As soon as we started unpacking I realized I forgot my belay devices in the car so I got my early morning jog out of the way.  I originally wanted to go to the dump but I’m glad I didn’t.  The cool breeze at ship was the most refreshing moments of my summer thus far.  The rain flirted with us from time to time but it held off to make for a great day of climbing.  We got on super classics like Edge of a Dream, Lost at Sea and Maiden Voyage.  I led a couple of the easier trad lines while Mike did the rest.  I haven’t been to Shiprock that many times and each visit seems to reveal more amazing pitches.  We did a total of 7 pitches in a short amount of time.  At 3:30 or so I had to bounce and head up to Josh’s engagement party.  Sitting atop of Junaluska I visited with many ol’ friends and drank many a brew.  Jesse special ordered Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale in a keg which was absolutely delicious.  I must also mention the Lexington style BBQ that was being served in a down home fashion; as much as you can eat.  We sat around for hours shooting the shit and drinking good brewskinhammers.  What a great evening in Boone, North Carolina.  On Sunday I went over to the Boone Bowling Center and drew a 213 for my second bowl of the day.  Not too shabby if I must say so myself.  As usual I drove through some heavy rain on the way back in between Hickory and Charlotte.  After blissfully enjoying the weather in Boone I was painfully put back in my place as I rolled my window down when I arrived in Columbia.  Damn it’s hot down here boys!!  Below are some photos of the party…

Happy Holidays!


What up wit chu? I hope this thread is finding everybody in a good holiday spirit. I’ll be heading up to Ohio this evening to spend Xmas with my mom and siblings. Everybody is bringing their instrument so it should make for some sweet jam sessions that I might post up when I get back.

Current news:

Great Lakes Brewery (Cleveland, OH)

Great Lakes Brewery (Cleveland, OH)

  • Been listening to DJ Shadow Radio on Pandora.  It’s very sweet!
  • Wishing I was in Fontainebleau for xmas (I’m so jealous Rachel!)
  • Joel Farthing is turning 25!  Now he’s halfway to 50.  Happy bday man.
  • Erich Purponator is leaving for Tahoe in a couple weeks 🙁
  • My finger is still a little iffy…(fuck it, i’m climbing on it)
  • My new job is awesome.  I’m learning a tremendous amount building servers.
  • Might be doing a climbing trip for new years…(Boone/Chatty/Bald?)
  • I just got a mac so I’m getting ready to dive into the FCP arena.
  • Going to the Great Lakes Brewery tonight in Cleveland.  Stoked!

I hope everybody enjoys their holiday and time away from work!  Talk to you in a few days…


The New Never Gets Old

Several months ago I wanted to go to the New River Gorge to go climbing for a week.  My mom also wanted to meet up for a camping trip with as many family members as possible.  My Mom lives in Brunswick, OH and Fayetteville, WV happens to be smack dab in the middle between Ohio and Boone.  So I recruited people to go on the trip who wanted to go rope climbing for a week.  Erich and I drove up and met Kevin and Deanna.  We all camped in the same area.  We also met up with Ben , Matt Paden, and Robert from Asheville.  Later on in the week, Josh and Emily came up too.  I think that was all of the climbers that came up…Family: Mom, David, Aunt Lynn, Uncle Dean, Megan, and Chloe.  It was great climbing and even better hanging out w/ friends and family for my last week.

I’m not going to bore you with details the entire week because Erich has already covered that on his blog.  Click here to check out his article and pictures.

Here are some pictures I took during the week:

(Sorry Erich, too many pics for 1×1)

Once again, it was a stellar trip to the new.  We managed to climb 85% of the time (6 out of 7 days).  The weather – Perfect, Climbing – Perfect, Relaxing – Perfect.  Got to go back soon.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms!  They are the most special people in this world.  I love you mom (go cubs go)!

Cubs Game (Aunt Lynn, Me, Mom)

Cubs Game (Aunt Lynn, Me, Mom)