Bouldering in the High Country

I don’t have much time to write on my personal blog so I’ll let the photos do the talkin’.  What a great place to live – to be able to climb boulders like this after work!




Under the Parkway


I’ve been trying to get out this winter and take some photographs in the snow.  Here’s one I took about a week or so ago.  This is where Shulls Mill goes under the parkway just outside of Blowing Rock.

HP-40: A Worthy Boulderfield

A few weeks ago a few of us (Ryan, Sam & James) went down to Horse Pens for a few days.  We were able to sneak in two spliiiiiiter days before the rain came on Sunday morning.  By that point we weren’t too upset because we were all thrashed and most everyone’s tips were bleeding (see photos below).  The last few times I’ve been to HP-40 was for the Triple Crown comp so it was refreshing to spend a few days in late January with great temps and without crowds.  It was the first time for Ryan and James so Sam and I refused to get on anything except the three star CLASSICS!  And classy they are!!  We got on Man with the Chuffer Hand, Red Arrow, Groove Rider, Genesis, Spirit, Mortal Kombat (bling!), Honky Tonkin’, Bum Boy, Centerpede, Millipede just to name a few.  I got some revenge and sent Mortal Kombat on the first day (as well as James)!  MK is definitely in the top 10, probably top 5 best boulder problems I’ve ever done.  It’s a mega line.

As we worked through so many good problems, our fingertips started revealing evidence of too much sloper slappin’.  We climbed all day on Friday and Saturday capping it off with a proper night sesh on the Bum Boy Boulder.  I sent Millipede by the skin of my knees at the end of the night sesh – yowza!  James had the worst tips by far but he kept on getting after it until the very end.  Ryan had a great trip as well knocking out many good problems having never climbed on southeast sandstone before!  Horse Pens 40 is holding!

Ryan got a new phone that takes really nice photos and I was shooting some as well.  Enjoy the shots!

Knee Bars & Huckin’ Meat

Erich came home for Josh’s wedding (which was awesome!!) and basically crushed everything in the High Country.  His previous trip he almost sent Zen Corner at Upper Lost Cove but walked away empty handed.  Not this time.  He sent within two or three goes and made it look like V4 with his knee bar beta.  After that we went up to another area and Erich squeaked out an all points off double handed dyno on his last try.  It was quite an impressive day consider he took a redeye flight about 12 hours earlier.  Route of the day: the spliiiiitttteeeerrrr arete you’ll see below.  Wow.

See photos of Erich & Leif below:

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Surplus of Bouldering Shots

After occasional but consistent barraging I’ve finally decided to post some photos of climbing around the High Country since our Squamish Trip.  I haven’t been shooting or climbing much the past 6 months mostly due to being busy with real estate and having surgery on my Pudendal nerve.  Surgery is done and hopefully I’m on the mend now.  I’m looking forward to a fun Spring/Summer season!  Enjoy the photos…

Also, please be sure to check out Tilley’s Blog (aka Boone Mafia) for much more action!

AND if you want to read about how skiing is better than climbing (gag) you can always read Erich’s Blog.















The Hanging Arete


This photo made me post on my blog for the first time in at least a year!  Check out Jim on this classic – The Hanging Arete.

221 Boulders – Cube, Iceberg & Carjacker

Yea dis rock climbing stuff is fun.  Went out for the second day in a row to 221 and had a great time with J&J.  We got out by about 2:30 and climbed until dark.  We started at the Cube (no pictures) and it was killer.  We did almost every climb on that boulder.  I must say that all of the problems on the Cube are awesome.  Next we went down to Iceberg and I sent the slab problem!  It was beginning to look like I might have to project that damn thing – it’s an incredible line.  While heading to Carjacker I tried to beast my way through a thorn bush and it wouldn’t let go of me.  It turned me 360 degrees and put me on my butt.  Kinda had to be there to see how funny it was…Last but not least, Julie onsighted Carjacker.  The end.

302 Days Later

It’s been quite some time, eh?  I don’t need excuses because this is my blog, not yours.  Get your own damn blog!  Anyway, I’ve almost been back in Boone for a year coming up in December.  It’s great to be back up here.  The climbing is still killer and the seasons are still beautiful.  My career change has also been a move in the right direction.  I work with my dad at Boone Real Estate and have really enjoyed the change of pace.

Sometimes I lose motivation in things.  It’s refreshing to come back to my blog.  I think Trew’s journal and Purpur’s blog reignited my desire to share.  It’s easy to forget the day-to-day and a blog is a great way to keep up.  Besides that, facebook destroys image quality and to be honest I’m sick of the “likes”.  Although public, I find a personal blog much more intimate.  It takes just a bit more effort to land on this page.  You are here because you give a shit, not because you’re bored, standing in line at Wal-Mart scrolling through your news feed (guilty as charged).  Wow, this feels good!  Ok, enough is enough.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I took a mega whipper on Pope in a Cowboy Hat.  It was definitely one of the scariest falls I’ve ever taken.  Got a little beat up but it’s better than calling the ambulance.  Henry was the only one to spot me out of 3 or 4 people.  Spot your friends, don’t just stand there.


Video from Whitetop, VA

I’ve been back in Boone for a few weeks now and it’s been great.  I’m starting to learn a lot about the real estate industry.  Recently my dad and I took a trip to Whitetop, VA to capture some amazing footage.  I must admit the views are as good as anything I’ve ever seen.  The sound quality is a bit harsh due to the blustery wind on top of the mountain.  There will be much more to come as we launch into the 21st century.


Boone Real Estate | Whitetop, VA from Boone Real Estate on Vimeo.