AidJoy Video

My good friend Mike Bergen is down is Peru right now shooting a documentary.  Check out this cool little still motion video from his blog.  If you wanna keep up with him visit AidJoy’s blog or check ’em out on their FaceBook page.

Interview—AidJoy Style from NGO AidJoy on Vimeo.

New Years: Two Thousand Ten

Happy New Year to all.  I hope this year brings you many sends with great friends.  Ryan and I went to the bald on Friday to meet up with some good friends.  The most notable would have to be Grimbo.  It was his first day bouldering at the Rumbling Bald!  There were many familiar faces and everybody was glad to have the day off.  Ryan climbed his first v5, Redneck Riviera and also knocked off Shady Grove.  I ripped a hole in my middle finger on Redneck.  It seems only I can pull off a stunt like that.  I climbed Clumsy Waiter and was able to get some revenge on Bruce’s Problem at the end of the day.

Friday night Cade rolled in from Columbia and we went downtown to get a couple of beers.  We started off at the Thirsty Monk.  Zach and I started talking about climbing and began downgrading everything.  Fortunately he was wise enough to recognize this potential disaster and nipped it in the bud before it got out of hand.  As climbers we must realize that not everybody enjoys this type of conversation.  After that the crew split up, some going to a dance party, some not so much.  We went to Barley’s to ring in the new year and enjoyed a couple good beers of draft.  After this we went back to my mom’s house to crash.  It was a pretty uneventful new years but I must say it was quite pleasant waking up without a hangover.

It rained all day long on Saturday so we hung out at my mom’s house and then went over to Rosetta’s Kitchen before we headed home.  They had Buchi Fire on draft which was amazing.  Mmm mmm good.  After that we hit the road.  My finger felt pretty worked after all of the bouldering on Friday –time for some rest.  Damn fingers aren’t worth a damn!

Xmas 2010

Happy Holidays to all of my loyal blog readers!  I hope everybody had a warm and safe holiday.  My family and I went to Chilhowie, VA to visit my dad’s girlfriend for xmas eve and xmas.  If you were anywhere near western NC I’m sure you had plenty of snow for that white Christmas you were hoping for.  Hell, even Columbia got several inches!  On the downside, that white fluffy snow kept me from getting a single day of climbing in.  Thursday was the only chance for climbing (at the Bald) but I had prior engagements.  This weekend is looking a little better for climbing.  I’m thinking I’ll bring in the new year in Asheville…

Christmas Eve - Chilhowie, VA

Lake Luring

Lately it seems like Rumbling Bald has been pulling me in.  This past weekend I was planning on saving money and staying in Columbia.  That didn’t happen.  After a quiet Friday night in Cola I was up early heading to Lake Lure.  I arrived around 10:00am and was one of the first five cars in the parking lot.  I marched up to the Cave Boulders (Kung Fu Grip, Rotator  Cuff, etc) to warm up.  I was the only person at the boulder for about 45 minutes.  Climbing in solitude was a remarkably peaceful experience.  The morning air was brisk and the surroundings were still.  It wasn’t long before a loud group of peeps rolled in and set up shop.  I worked on Rotator Cuff and made good progress on it.  I hit the crescent crimp 5 or 6 times and hope to send next time.  After that I walked over to the breakfast area to meet up with some friends and complete some unfinished business.  I sent Yogurt after a handful of tries.  Sending my little project was great for many reasons.  The most important was the feeling of perseverance.  In climbing it’s very rewarding to work something out, fail, fail, fail and then finally send.   Speaking of determination, Zach went back to his proj and was able to put up a FA of a problem he dubbed Banzai, v5 (eh-emm sandbag!).  Nice one!  I captured this on video so be sure to check back soon!

Sunday I went back to the bald and met up with Señor Grimbo and his friend Will.  It was their first time to the bald so I showed them some classics.  These little dudes are pretty strong and both put the hurt on Shady Grove.  I got on Bruce’s Problem on the way to the East Side and will have to return to finish it.  Big props to Ehrin who recently sent that badboy!  Rumbling Bald is becoming my home away from home.  More Leaf Man coming soon??

Grease Pit

My friend Shannon snapped this shot of me on Grease Pit at Rumbling Bald.  Checky check his style at << So Sick.