Petzl Headlamps: Tikka vs Zipka

Yesterday I went to pick up a headlamp and got a Petzl Zipka.  I didn’t really look at the package but when I opened it up I realize it had  this new “ZIP” cord.  It was super compact seems to be a pretty cool feature at first sight.  After work I went for a run and put it to use when it started getting dark.  After about three steps it start coming off my head.  There is no way to adjust the resistance of the string.  Also, it’s worth noting that you cannot adjust the light to point up or down.

After my run I went down to the store and exchanged it for what I wanted in the first place, the Tikka Plus.  This one has the headband and adjustable light.  Ah, much better now.

Conclusion:  The Zipka is a cool design and very portable but didn’t work out for me.  The Tikka seems more reliable and has better features.  It’s also 5 bucks cheaper.  🙂