Video from Whitetop, VA

I’ve been back in Boone for a few weeks now and it’s been great.  I’m starting to learn a lot about the real estate industry.  Recently my dad and I took a trip to Whitetop, VA to capture some amazing footage.  I must admit the views are as good as anything I’ve ever seen.  The sound quality is a bit harsh due to the blustery wind on top of the mountain.  There will be much more to come as we launch into the 21st century.


Boone Real Estate | Whitetop, VA from Boone Real Estate on Vimeo.


Austin, TX

So I’ve been in Austin, TX since Wednesday. I came down with my roommate to see what all of the hype is about.  The food, climbing and music scene is pretty damn sweet if yer askin’ me.  Good news: I was able to climb two days in a row and my finger is feeling stellar! I will break it down for ya when I get back.  Check back soon for the comprehensive trip report.

Hemlock Wall

Last weekend I went to Boone for memorial day weekend.  I had the pleasure of visiting the hemlock wall for the first time.  I went down with SlimGrimm, M Trew, Zach and Erich.  Mike and Mike hit up some new routes while Zach gave Erich and I the tour.  We got on 5 or 6 routes and had a stellar time.  The rock was bullet proof and the moves were sick.  Below are a few shots from the day at the hemlock.  I’m putting a video together of Zach sending the crux on “On The Clock”.  Stay tuned.


It’s baseball season again, hell yes.  And by baseball season I mean Cubs season.  We started off slow but now that we’ve got a couple wins under our belt, I’m thinking we’ll win a few games this year.  The Cubs had their home opener at Wrigley today and crushed the brewers 9-5.

Other news…my buddy Joel got a Harley Davidson this past weekend.  My dad and I split a bike a few years back and it will be fun coming up to Boone and riding with some good friends.

I get my stitches out on Wednesday and am counting down the days until I can get on rock (or plastic for that matter)!  I’m looking forward to having a healthy summer with good weather and good people.


A Weekend in Boone

I headed up to Boone this past weekend to see some friends and hang out. I brought my climbing gear and my bike just in case the weather turned for the better. It didn’t 🙁

Just a few twigs in the yard...

When I got into town I couldn’t believe all of the destruction this great winter has caused.  The ice storms have really taken a toll on the hardwoods of the high country. Every time I turned the corner there were trees split in half.  The top of the canopy looked like broken toothpicks and the forest floor was covered in leftover debris.   It will be interesting to see what spring looks like…

I enjoyed watching some of the ACC tournament this weekend. Watching some college basketball has got me pretty excited for March Madness coming up. They just announced all of the teams and you can check out the bracket here.  I’m not a huge college basketball fan but it’s fun to watch the top college squads battle it out for the love of the game.

I was hoping to see NC State pull it off but they just couldn’t seem to do it…


I'm blue (da ba dee...)

Saturday I got together with some Boonies and we decided to hit up the Boone Bowling Center (the only bowling alley I know of w/o alcohol!) .  There was some pretty hefty betting going on and the competition was fierce.  We bowled 5 or 6 games Saturday afternoon but we still didn’t get enough.  After a couple hours of rest, we went back for more.  Cosmic bowling!  With DJ Wolf still holding down the fort, we were listening to Mambo #5, Scatman, and other incredibly cheesy songs.  After another 5 games or so, we realized our arms were ripped out of socket and our fingers were barely able to hold on to the ball.  Needless to say, my game went downhill with the quickness.  I woke up this morning and I am ashamed to admit I’m sore as hell, from bowling.  I honestly feel like I went rock climbing all weekend without a bit of rest.  I have much respect for the PBA (professional bowling association) hard asses. ——————————————————————————-

Heading Down the Mountain

All in all, I had a nice weekend in Boone seeing some good friends and catching up on the good ol’ days.  Next time I come up I’ll be sure to pick a weekend where I can climb and maybe go mountain biking.  I’m thrilled we had to set our clocks forward today.  Long days await as we inch closer to spring.  I can hear hawksbill calling my name!

Check This

Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

Check out this video by OK Go, Rube Goldberg style.  The song is good but the video is even cooler.  Quite creative if I must say so myself!  I gotta give Jesse props for telling me about this video.  I thought this was very entertaining for a single shot.

Anyways, I went biking again today and the weather couldn’t have been any better.  A balmy 71 degrees in Cola.  Ah, the sunshine feels so good!  The rest of the week looks like rain so I’ll be back on the elliptical machine…FML.  Gotta get it while the gettin’s good!

Off to Taco Tuesday at the whig.  Hate to say it but it blows Boone Saloon out of the water on taco night!  50 cent tacos and a “real” laid back vibe.

Food Poison

Good Ol' Emergency Room

Good Ol' Emergency Room

So yes, as you might of guessed from the title, I got food poison last night.  This is my second time getting in since I’ve moved down to Columbia.  Not very good luck.  Anyways, I went to Hunter Gatherer (local brewery/restaurant) and got a pizza.  How I regret that now!  I woke up  at 1:30am and puked my brains out.  Ugh, I’ve never been so sick in my life.  This picture is from the ER this morning at about 6:00am when I finally decided that I needed some relief.  Although I’m trying to save up my vacation time, there was no way I could make it to work today.  Although this post isn’t that interesting, I figured I’d post it just to warn folks about that restaurant.  So, that’s it for now.  I think I’m going to eat a graham cracker (aka dinner).



Bday Jammin

Friday night was a blast! Thanks to all of you for coming out and making the night one to remember. We tapped the Keg of Gaelic Ale at about 7:00pm and so the party started. My dad rose to the occasion by purchasing a used bass guitar which was SWEET! We had plenty of instruments for everybody to experiment with. The music was very dynamic because as somebody would get up, somebody else would fill in with a new style. It seemed like everybody at the party was feeling the good vibes which made for a great atmosphere. I have some audio from the night which I will post up later.

Saturday we just played the lazy game and hung around the house.  The weather was pretty nasty so we took a nap and watched some tv.  What an exciting Halloween!  Sunday we went out to Lost Cove and it was (mostly) dry.  I showed Ryan and Sarah around and then we made the trek back to Cola.  What a super sweet weekend!

Thanks again for making my bday so much fun!

Until next time,


25 Years Gone

Belaying at the New

Belaying at the New

Yep, I’m 25 years old now. Holy shit.

Since my last birthday, a lot of things have changed in my life. The biggest adjustment is that I no longer live in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, the place I call home. When I think of that it makes me sad. On the flip side, I moved down here to pursue a great opportunity with my new job. I’ve learned about new technologies that are used within corporate data centers. I have also manged to acquired a few certifications along the way. As I get older, I’m finding out more about myself every single day.

I moved to Columbia without knowing anybody. The thing I did know is that there were no rocks in Columbia. To most, this might sound petty or insignificant, but to me it was major downfall. Just the thought of rock climbing in a gym made me cringe. In the past 3 or 4 years, climbing has become a way of life. Climbing clears my head, relieves stress and anxiety, and allows people to bond in an unusual way. Having somebody’s life in your hands is a form of trust that words cannot describe. As a result, I have found friends that will last a lifetime no matter where I live.

Despite my geographical location, I have been traveling on the weekends in search of good times and good climbs. I’ve learned to adapt to the climate and my surroundings as best I know how. I’ve started mountain biking which has been a lot of fun. There are some trails within 15 minutes to my house which is pretty convenient. Eventually I’d like to buy a bike so if anybody knows of a good deal, let me know!

Heraclitus of Ephesus once said “The only constant is change” and this proves to be true in my life. I’m cool with that.