Getting bored on the internet?

Welcome back to my b-log.   As my other friends are out crushing rocks like they work for a gravel company, I’m staring at a computer screen day after day.  Needless to say, it can get boring after a while.  In my class, there are 11 other people doing the exact same thing.  So one might wonder; how do you distinguish yourself?  The answer; The internet sites that you browse!  Wow, I’m going from half nerd to full blown carrying an operating system on my flash drive nerd.  Let me introduce you to my good friend…

The Onion's Funniest Column Writer

Herbert Kornfeld

If you guys have never been to you’re missing out!  It is a satirical news site that has a really great sense of humor.  Click on Herbert’s picture on the left and it will pull up his first post on the onion.  One of my buddies introduced me to the onion but more importantly, Herbert.  When I started reading these columns, I could hardly keep a straight face in class.  I find this shit funny as hell.  It could be my lack of interaction with people that has my brain all twisted.  Hopefully it’s not just me… But seriously, check out the onion if you don’t have anything to do.

Next on the agenda:  Favorite Songs from the past couple of weeks.

  • Radiohead – Jigsaw falling into place (In Rainbows)
  • Radiohead – Bulletproof…I wish I was (The Bends)
  • The White Stripes – This Protector (White Blood Cells)
  • Beck – Corvette Bummer (Loser)

That will be all for today…

Oh, I will be in Asheville this weekend to visit family so if anybody wants to go climbing/bouldering, give me a shout…


Poison Ivy

So I got back from the New River Gorge tonight around 9:00PM.  I was going to wait until the morning to get my camera out and post some pictures on here but….

I can’t sleep.  The reason I can’t sleep is because I have realized the undeniable truth.  I have poison ivy all over my body.  My feet, legs, knees, forearms, just to name a few spots.  I just went to the bathroom and rubbed CalaGel all over me and for the moment, it has dulled the itch.   From experience, I know that this is only a short mask of freedom.  I also found some benadryl and took it to hopefully help a little.  Honestly, the only good benadryl is going to do is help me pass out.    The itch will come back and the poison ivy patches will have grown exponentially in a few short hours.   This is what I get for going to the junkyard wall today.  It was so crowded, Kevin and I decided to head down the trail to the “less crowded” areas.  Well, “less crowded” means MORE poison ivy and a skinnier trail.  I might be the biggest gumby of all time.

Climbing Dictionary: Gumby – Term for a novice climber (sometimes derogatory).

Wow, the misery has arrived…

I will post new river pics and whatnot tomorrow.  (Plus, special poison ivy edition pictures!)

Back from the New River Gorge

Whats up peeps?  I just got back into Boone around 2pm today.  I had a great time climbing. We got up there on Thursday and setup the booth and whatnot.  After that, we dropped our stuff off at the cabin and went climbing.  We got in 3 days of climbing.  Around 3 or 4 everyday, it would inevitably start raining.  With that being said, I had a great time and want to give a big thanks to Mike and Goose for letting me chill all weekend.  The hot tub at our little cabin was amazing after climbing.  The average day at the gorge was wake up, eat breakfast, chill, go climbing, hot tub & beers, go eat and/or check out the rendezvous, and more beer.  At the rendezvous, I met a lot of really cool people that I will hopefully climb with in the future.  All in all, it was a great experience.  I felt like I learned a lot about rock climbing in general.  I placed a little gear and realized that I really need better technique if I ever want to climb harder than 5.10.  This week looks like awesome weather so I’m psyched once again.

Here is a breakdown of what we climbed (if you’re interested):

Thursday (Bubba City): Shady Lady (5.7), The Good Book (5.10a), and Lie back and Enjoy it (5.10d) – Very fun routes (esp Lie back)

Friday (Endless-Snake Buttress): Discombobulated (5.11a), Aesthetica (5.11c), and Black & Tan (5.10a Trad) – Wow, I got crushed on everything there!  Damn Erich, after getting on Discombobulated, I realize just how strong you are!!!  Props on your on sight to that!  All three of these routes are super classic.

Saturday (Endless-Fern Point): Remission (5.10b Trad), Raging Waters (5.11a Trad), Strike a Scowl (5.10b), Fool Effect (5.9), and Exoduster (5.10b) – It seems like by Saturday we had figured the weather pattern out and we were able to crank a few more routes in.  It rained for a second after the 3rd route but we stuck it out and got worked…

Until next time, take it easy.

New River Rendezvous

I’m so psyched right now I can’t stand it!  I’m heading up to the new this weekend for my first rendezvous experience.  Mike and I are leaving tomorrow morning and hauling all of his Misty shwag  up to the event.  We’ll probably get up there in the afternoon, set up as fast as we can, and try to get a few pitches in before nightfall.  We plan to check out Endless Wall on Friday for the entire day.  I can’t wait to try my luck on discombobulated and aesthetica.

I do have some new vids to post but I will wait until after the trip to put them up…

Also, I hope to get some good footage at the new!  Stay tuned…