Ben’s 221 Vid

Check this shia.  It’s got some sicky Presidents on the soundtrack.  221 IS some of the best rock on the planet.

221 Circuit from Benjamin Newton on Vimeo.

Video from Whitetop, VA

I’ve been back in Boone for a few weeks now and it’s been great.  I’m starting to learn a lot about the real estate industry.  Recently my dad and I took a trip to Whitetop, VA to capture some amazing footage.  I must admit the views are as good as anything I’ve ever seen.  The sound quality is a bit harsh due to the blustery wind on top of the mountain.  There will be much more to come as we launch into the 21st century.


Boone Real Estate | Whitetop, VA from Boone Real Estate on Vimeo.


Exporting to Vimeo

There are tons and tons of HD climbing videos out there these days. Every time you crank up the ol’ computer there’s another crystal clear bouldering flick to get ya jacked!  That being said, you see a bunch of videos that look mangled after being rendered. Hey Pixelosaurus Rex, what’s wrong with your video quality? You know they shot it with an HD camera?  What gives?  I’m far from knowledgeable with video codecs, pixels, etc but I do know how to export for vimeo properly. Vimeo has created a super helpful page for exporting. They have a tutorial video for every editing program under the sun! This link was too good not to share.  I Hope this helps you preserve that stunning HD you pulled off your camera.

On Assignment

Renan Ozturk is at it again.  Check out this super inspirational video about climbing in Yosemite Valley.  It’s very well done.  Maybe one day I’ll be on an assignment like this!


No Dab picked up Unwritten Law video!

I’ve never seen the site before (probably because it’s Spanish or Portuguese) but they picked up my video a while back. I’m not sure how big of a site it is but they had this to say:

(Translated by a web generator)”Video of the track “Oralidade Lei” in a peak named “The Dump” in North Carolina/USA. The route, graduated in 8b br (5.12B nos) is nothing special, but the video was incredible! Position Yourself the navigator at the lower part of the table and go up along with the climber…”

Nothing special, hell! 😉 Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that people were diggin’ the portrait style video. Happy weekend y’all. Heading up to the High Country to do some climbing!


Cello Shredfest!

Hot Damn! Check out this video of Sarah Clanton Schaffer by Daniel McCord. She can get down. Daniel’s also the founder of world famous beer blog, Check him out for some “X rated” beer porn. Thanks for the video Daniel. Keep it up.


This is a very cool clip from Rick Mereki. It’s a super simple elegant piece. Get creative.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


What would you do if you got stuck in the airport with a bunch of camera gear?  I bet it wouldn’t be half as cool as this!  This is truly a creative masterpiece!

STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

AidJoy Video

My good friend Mike Bergen is down is Peru right now shooting a documentary.  Check out this cool little still motion video from his blog.  If you wanna keep up with him visit AidJoy’s blog or check ’em out on their FaceBook page.

Interview—AidJoy Style from NGO AidJoy on Vimeo.