Happy Holidays!


What up wit chu? I hope this thread is finding everybody in a good holiday spirit. I’ll be heading up to Ohio this evening to spend Xmas with my mom and siblings. Everybody is bringing their instrument so it should make for some sweet jam sessions that I might post up when I get back.

Current news:

Great Lakes Brewery (Cleveland, OH)

Great Lakes Brewery (Cleveland, OH)

  • Been listening to DJ Shadow Radio on Pandora.  It’s very sweet!
  • Wishing I was in Fontainebleau for xmas (I’m so jealous Rachel!)
  • Joel Farthing is turning 25!  Now he’s halfway to 50.  Happy bday man.
  • Erich Purponator is leaving for Tahoe in a couple weeks :(
  • My finger is still a little iffy…(fuck it, i’m climbing on it)
  • My new job is awesome.  I’m learning a tremendous amount building servers.
  • Might be doing a climbing trip for new years…(Boone/Chatty/Bald?)
  • I just got a mac so I’m getting ready to dive into the FCP arena.
  • Going to the Great Lakes Brewery tonight in Cleveland.  Stoked!

I hope everybody enjoys their holiday and time away from work!  Talk to you in a few days…



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