Hemlock Wall

Last weekend I went to Boone for memorial day weekend.  I had the pleasure of visiting the hemlock wall for the first time.  I went down with SlimGrimm, M Trew, Zach and Erich.  Mike and Mike hit up some new routes while Zach gave Erich and I the tour.  We got on 5 or 6 routes and had a stellar time.  The rock was bullet proof and the moves were sick.  Below are a few shots from the day at the hemlock.  I’m putting a video together of Zach sending the crux on “On The Clock”.  Stay tuned.


  1. This Web site is naaaaaassssty!

  2. LOVE the Moby poster. What a great home very splmie but very warm too. I need to get rid of a ton of stuff cause I really just love the splmieness of this home.

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