Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale

Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale

While I was in lounging around Columbia this weekend I went to Greene’s, the local beer store.  I was walking down the aisle when a big bottle of highlands slapped me upside the head.  “What’s this?” I thought to myself.  Well, “It’s a highland winter ale that I’ve never tried!”  And it was a BIG bottle –it had to be mine.  I picked up the bottle, paid the lofty price of $9.99 and walked out of the store.  To the fridge it went.  It chilled by it’s lonesome self for 4 hours and then was emptied into 2 pint glasses.  The first thing I noticed was a sweet front end with major tones of vanilla and spices.      It was mmm mmm good (way better than Cambell soup)!  I would recommend splitting it with a friend because it is pretty dadgum sweet.  It’s perfect for a liquid dessert after stuffing your face.  May I also take the time to remind yall about the real beer blog.  ItsaFuckingBeer.com tells it like it is.  His blog is an absolute hoot!  Out.


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