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Hello out there and welcome (back)!

In the past couple days I’ve discovered some very good music.  I was surfing on vimeo the other day and found this jam!  It’s a sweet cover by the flaming lips.  I haven’t been listening to the lips much lately but this video reignited my appreciation for their music.  I saw them at Bonnaroo in 2003 and to this day it is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  Check this video:

Very Cool Video by George Salisbury
Flaming Lips – Borderline (Madonna Cover)

So last night I was chilling with Les at my house.  We jammed for a little while and then youtube’d for a couple hours.  It is scary how similar our taste’s in music are!  It seems like every time we hang out, he introduces me to great music.  Here are a couple videos from last night that I liked:

Mercury Rev – Car Wash Hair

Mercury Rev is a sick band that still plays today.  They started in the late 1980’s.  This song was written in the early 90’s.  I can see that their music has influenced Death Cab, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse and bands like that.  When I first heard this band last night, I instantly fell in love with them.

Tomahawk – God Hates a Coward

Tomahawk was formed by Mike Patton (Faith No More – Lead Singer) in 2001.  It was a “super group” which included Patton, Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard/Hank Williams III – Guitarist), John Stanier (Helmet – Drummer), and Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins – Bassist).  I really dig the energy of this band.  The vocal effects are sweet and the drummer is on point.

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees (Live at Glastonbury, 2003)

Radiohead – All I Need (Live From the Basement)

It has taken me a while to get into radiohead.  I know, I know, what the hell is wrong with me, I thought you had good taste in music, blah blah blah…  I always liked the more popular songs such as “Karma Police” , “Creep”, and “High and Dry” but I never got into their other stuff.  I always found them a little whiny.   Now that I delved into their music, I’ve realized what I’ve been missing.  Better now than never I guess!  Now I look at Radiohead in a completely new light.

Besides checking out music and rock climbing (or lack thereof considering the weather), I have A LOT of free time on my hands.  Recently I have discovered a passion for video editing.  “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a very true quote.  The art of videography is so interesting because of the control you have while creating the videos.  When you blend music, still images, video, and text together, it can be a very rewarding experience.  I have been working with Misty Mountain to create a promotional video they can use to show their clients.  I will post the video tomorrow when I have the finished product.  It’s been great hanging with Goose and Mike during this process.  The only way Misty Mountain has made is this far is because of their dedication to quality, comfort, and design.  Next time you’re thinking of buying some new climbing gear, consider Misty Mountain.  Remember, you get what you pay for 😉

With all of that being said, I need to get back to the editing.  The weather this weekend looks very nice.  I will be climbing both days (Sat & Sun) for sure.  If you want to get out, give me a shout.  Thanks for checking the post and hope you liked the music.  I shall see you again.


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