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The Crook

After waiting months to get the new e-reader from barnes and noble, I finally got my nook today.  As you can probably guess by the picture to the left, it’s a joke. For anybody reading who likes gadgets, the new e-readers might appeal to you.  I did some pretty thorough research before buying this found good reviews for the most part.  Did I mention, these reviews were before it actually came out?  When I opened the package tonight, I was really excited.  Since I pre-ordered it, I was one of the first people to try it out.  I opened the box and it was packaged very nicely.  It reminded me of an iPhone or an iPod with sleek graphics and stylish packing.  The first thing I noticed was that it is pretty heavy.  I would consider it heavy enough to not want to hold it with one hand while reading.  I thought, “I can deal with that, this thing looks so awesome!”  Once I charged it and turned it on, I honestly thought I had a defect.  The page flickers whenever you change pages. It’s like an annoying website that reloads the entire page on every click.  It probably takes 2 seconds between slides which is enough to send me over the edge.  I must say that the e-ink display is very nice, that is, until you flip the page or browse the menu.    I live in downtown Columbia, SC and have 3g service on my phone.  I should add that I have one bar of service on the nook and was able to browse the store, but when I tried to purchase something (even on wireless) it gave me an error and said try again.  After the 5th try, I gave up.  I boxed it up as quick as I opened it and tomorrow it will head back to barnes and noble.  I’m sorry if this seems like a rant but I just wanted to warn you guys in case you (or somebody you know) was planning to buy one for the holidays.  I think the e-readers might need another year…


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