Sesquicentennial State Park

Sesqui State Park

Sesqui State Park

So today was a productive day minus the rock climbing. I had a bunch of stuff to do around the house so I couldn’t make it to the bald. It was a beautiful day in Columbia with sunny skies and a temperature of 65 degrees. I decided to go out mountain biking at Sesqui which is in north east Columbia. I’d never been to that trail before and was surprised how good it was. It’s known for being pretty sandy but since it’s been rainy for the past couple days, the trail was ideal. The terrain is easy to moderate in some areas with nice surroundings. I think it’s about a 6 mile loop or so.  I’m still renting bikes from the cycle center in Columbia.  They have a great deal where all of the money you spend on rentals goes towards the purchase of a bike.  They are very friendly and have a nice bike selection.  Anyways, MLK is almost over and work starts tomorrow.  It will be a while before we have another holiday :(  Good news is that it’s going to be a short week! Looking like I’ll be at the bald for adopt-a-crag this Saturday.  As of right now, the weather looks splitter.



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