Surplus of Bouldering Shots

After occasional but consistent barraging I’ve finally decided to post some photos of climbing around the High Country since our Squamish Trip.  I haven’t been shooting or climbing much the past 6 months mostly due to being busy with real estate and having surgery on my Pudendal nerve.  Surgery is done and hopefully I’m on the mend now.  I’m looking forward to a fun Spring/Summer season!  Enjoy the photos…

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Ben’s 221 Vid

Check this shia.  It’s got some sicky Presidents on the soundtrack.  221 IS some of the best rock on the planet.

221 Circuit from Benjamin Newton on Vimeo.

Two Twenty One

221 is holding, period.  I had a great weekend at Grandmother and 221.  I feel like I climbed better on day two – it’s funny how that works.  We got on a bunch of good stuff including Boulders Boulder where I did the cool problem on the left side of the face for the second time.  This time I used Erich’s good foot beta.  Next we went down to the Dungeon where I continued my battle with 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  I stuck the crux move twice from the start and to my surprise this stunt received an official punt status from Officer Bag.  I tried to defend myself but with counsels like Purpur, Lief and Tilley, my plea was overridden.  It will go down soon!

Here are a few shots from Sunday

Lief on Boulders Boulder

Erich on Sign of the Times – v5

Dave on a cool face climb at Lower Area E

Majestic Grandmother Mountain


221 Boulders – Cube, Iceberg & Carjacker

Yea dis rock climbing stuff is fun.  Went out for the second day in a row to 221 and had a great time with J&J.  We got out by about 2:30 and climbed until dark.  We started at the Cube (no pictures) and it was killer.  We did almost every climb on that boulder.  I must say that all of the problems on the Cube are awesome.  Next we went down to Iceberg and I sent the slab problem!  It was beginning to look like I might have to project that damn thing – it’s an incredible line.  While heading to Carjacker I tried to beast my way through a thorn bush and it wouldn’t let go of me.  It turned me 360 degrees and put me on my butt.  Kinda had to be there to see how funny it was…Last but not least, Julie onsighted Carjacker.  The end.