New Years in the Deep South

Erich and I finally went on a bouldering trip together!  It seems that every year we plan a trip and it never pans out…

Well this year it happened and it was a good one.  Although the weather didn’t fully cooperate we still managed to get our paws on some southern sandstone for a few days.  We set off early Friday morning planning to go straight to LRC.  About 2 hours into the drive our gadgets informed us that a rain system was coming straight at us so we bailed north for a half day at the Lilly Boulderes.  I’d never been there before so it was neat to check out a new area.  The boulders were cool although I imagine this will probably turn out very similar to my first trip to the NRG — went bouldering the first trip and once I saw the routes I never went back to toadin’.  Erich sent a cool problem (OPP) and I flailed on Slam Dunk – a cool v5 in the main area.  After we had enough wet bouldering we hiked down to look at the routes.  We finally made it down to some cool climbs (Rasputin, etc) and they looked quite impressive, big horizontal roofs that I probably won’t ever be able to climb.

The sun set.  We finished up the drive to Chattanooga and ended up breaking into Zach/Ehrin’s pad thanks to Erich’s climbing ability.  Big thanks to the Irvin family for letting me and the lady killer crash at their place.  Day 2 we heading south, Citadel bound, in the rain, sleet and finally snow.  It was a very depressing climbing day because we did zero climbing.  We did however check out the cabin that Alove and Tim were staying at, literally on top of Little River Canyon.  It was cool to take in so much choss at one time.

Day 3:  Cold, splitter day in Chattanooga.  Woke up super early and we were at LRC by 9:00am.  It was blistery warming up but just to see the sun was good enough for us.  I sent a really cool problem called Shotgun which is probably not v6.  I think Erich sent everything.  Later in the day I got very close to sending Heroin but was too pumped to do the top out…next time.

Day 4: Went back to the Citadel with a bunch of good folk.  Let me say that the Citadel is much better when you can actually climb there!!  Got on a warmup that just took a little tookin’.  Got on the campus problem without any campusing.    Got on the Nautilus.  Watched a bunch of cool boulders get climbed including Zach flashing Big Poppa – v7!  Also watched Hiegl send Maurice Reed’s crack, left of Big Poppa.  That was the hardest I saw anybody try the entire trip, sick!

Day 4 eve, aka New Years.  Ended up being the DD but I enjoyed it – lots of classy things happened that evening.  New Years Day the weather was awful so we headed back to the promise land.

The End.