Two Twenty One

221 is holding, period.  I had a great weekend at Grandmother and 221.  I feel like I climbed better on day two – it’s funny how that works.  We got on a bunch of good stuff including Boulders Boulder where I did the cool problem on the left side of the face for the second time.  This time I used Erich’s good foot beta.  Next we went down to the Dungeon where I continued my battle with 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  I stuck the crux move twice from the start and to my surprise this stunt received an official punt status from Officer Bag.  I tried to defend myself but with counsels like Purpur, Lief and Tilley, my plea was overridden.  It will go down soon!

Here are a few shots from Sunday

Lief on Boulders Boulder

Erich on Sign of the Times – v5

Dave on a cool face climb at Lower Area E

Majestic Grandmother Mountain



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