Wilco: Learning How to Die

Wilco: Learning How to Die

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the band, Wilco.  Within the past year I’ve be turned on to Uncle Tupelo, the band Jeff Tweedy was in before Wilco.  After listening to Uncle Tupelo non-stop I became interested in the break up of the band.  Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy are both amazing songwriters and it saddens me to know that I’ll never be able to see this band live.  I just finished this book, “Wilco: Learning How to Die” and it was absolutely fascinating.  It takes you all the way back to the late 1980’s and the good ol’ Tupelo days through “A Ghost is Born”.  Greg Kot is a very articulate writer and I enjoyed his precision of the English language as he displayed with each and every word.   If you’re a Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt or Wilco fan, you must read this book.


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